Club Training

Swindon Tri Club offers a weekly training program of swim & run sessions, with guided club bike rides by arrangement through our facebook page.

We recommend partnering up for training wherever possible to guarantee maximum effort during training, to keep motivated and most importantly to keep safe.

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The sport of triathlon is a strenuous one.

Swindon Tri Club takes no responsibility to ensure individuals are capable of taking part.

All elements of safety are down to the individual.

Swim Safety

Life guards will be in attendance at all training sessions at the pool as per usual health and safety regulations. There are clear risks associated with open water or sea swimming above that found at an indoor pool, such as swells and strong tides. Members should familiarise themselves with these dangers and be confident with the conditions before attempting to swim outdoors.

Lake or open water swims are taken at members own risk.

Bike Safety

It is a fixed rule that all members wear protective helmets on bike sessions. Most bike sessions take place on country roads, but these can have the occasional unforeseen hazards. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they are seen. Please ensure that your bike is well maintained and is safe to ride.

Run Safety

Please make sure that you wear high visibility clothing for road running – especially in low light conditions. It is important that all members abide by the highway code and do not endanger themselves or other motorists. Please do not take risks when crossing roads.