Members Racing

Check out our members race reports and stories/photos along with some of our social events. We are in the process of updating this section so check back in the future.

After a fantastic race at Ironman Wales Laura has qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona for 2020.  You can follow her full story on her blog here

🏆 Wow what a day that was!  Absolutely BRUTAL course, must be why they call it the Brutal Full triathlon 2.4 🏊‍♂️ 116m 🚵‍♂️3000m climbing, 25m 🏃‍♂️ 🏔

Heavy winds and rain in the morning meant a delayed start by two hours and getting into the lake it was freezing! We had to do four laps, getting out and back in after two! My hands were so cold, I was shivering like mad when I finished and I thought about pulling out! Thankfully Graham got me a cup of tea an I was able to carry on. 

Managed to warm up on the bike, stunning course! Riding up hills with views of the sea, waterfalls, lakes! 3000m of climbing and 116 miles and the wind at the top and descending Pen Y Pass was hard work and a bit scary on my TT bike and a disc wheel!

Coming off the bike I was told I was in 3rd 10 minutes off 2nd place.  It was 3 laps of the lake, my plan was too run the sections you can run and power up the rocky technical sections!  The lake lap was very tough, a long long steep hill then rocks to climb up and down and very technical!

By the 2nd lap I’d caught the guy ahead to go into 2nd place, by the 3rd lap in I had caught the leader!  He asked me what lap I on and that he was on his third so I knew now that I was in first place and I kept my pace high so he’d think I was feeling good!

Back to HQ and to grab my mountain bag! Medic check on the way out and off I go up Snowdon! Just before the race start they’d told us, because of the winds, we wouldn’t be going to the summit and we’d be going to just passed the Half way house! I was gutted about that earlier but to be honest I was bloody pleased by the time I’d got to the run! Had a amazing sunset on the way up and awesome views! I ran when I could on the way up and was so pleased to see the turnaround check point, had a quick check with the medic then began the descent.  As I went past the 2nd placed guy on the way down and worked out I was at least 20 minutes ahead!

🏆 Absolutely Ecstatic to WIN the Brutal Full Triathlon!


Unfortunately I was a DNF after a 24 mile swim, 1,120 mile bike and about 175 miles of the 262 mile run.  Having completed the 1-a-day format in 2017 the Continuous version of the Deca has beaten me, for now!

Tri Club – Rough ‘n’ Tumble with  xxx, Ellie, Holly, Juan and Takuya

Triathlon doesn’t have to be an individual sport.  We had a great club day out at the Team Super Sprint in September. Ellie, Amber, Nathan and Joy won their group ( 1 male and 3 female team ) 

The Double Brutal in 2018 had the worst weather ever for the event.  There was no running up Snowdon due to the high winds and the last 8-10 hours on the bike was spent battling 30+ mph winds with heavier gusts and pouring rain.  It was epic.  Although I was hours slower than the first time I did the Double I think this one will be the one I remember!