Stock lists of .22 rf weapons I’ve not had time to add to website yet.

A/127.22”RFRugerSemi Auto Rifle S/H10-22Nice clean rifle with standard wood stock and Edgar Brothers 3-9 scope. Threaded for moderator with thread cap£325
A/126.22”RFRugerSemi Auto Rifle S/H10-22Nice clean rifle with synthetic stock and Edgar Brothers scope£325
A/101.22”RFEnfieldBolt Action Rifle S/HNo 9Fine example of the 3000 training versions of the No 4
that were made for the navy
A/99.22”RFClarbrough & JohnstonBolt Action Rifle S/HSMRCRare trainer conversion for the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs based
on a Long Lee action sporting rifle
A/108.22”RFBSAMartini Action
Rifle S/H
15Very nice example of this classic target rifle.£185
A/131.22”RFVickersMartini Action Rifle S/HEmpireA nice example of this classic British target rifle, comes with a second short stock for young shooters£185
A/82.22”RFBSABolt Action Rifle S/HCenturyClassic club target rifle mounted on a sporter stock complete with a BSA 4X scope£175
A/115.22”RFBSAMartini Action Rifle S/HInternati onal Mk2Epitome of the BSA target rifle line this nice example comes complete with sights and hand stop£195
A/135.22RFSavagePump Action Rifle S/H29 - AClassic pre 1940 Savage “Take Down” pump action 22. In very good condition
with octagonal barrel
A/147.22RFUbertiLever Action Rifle S/HModel 73Uberti’s copy of this Classic Winchester comes complete with Creedmoor style rear sight. Low two digit serial number£450
A/149.22RFCZBolt Action Rifle
Model 425Near new condition rifle, screw cut for moderator with cap£350
A/150.22RFIver JohnsonBolt Action Rifle S/HModel XClassic .22 for everyman. Single shot, in good overall condition for its age.£75
A/151.22RFWinchesterBolt Action Rifle S/HModel 685 Shot Winchester with 96A/B aperture rear sight, ex-club gun so condition reflects this but is fully functioning and accurate.£75
A/152.22RFAnschutzBolt Action
Rifle S/H
Model 1451Classic Anschutz 5 shot sporter in very
good condition. Screw cut for a moderator.
A/153.22RFNorincoBolt Action Rifle S/HModel EM332In very good condition. This unique design stores it two magazines in the stock for easy access. Comes complete with a Hawke 3-9 scope£345
A/15422”RFVickersMartini Action Rifle S/HJubileeClassic interwar target rifle in very good overall condition for its age complete with sights and foresignt
element holder.