Hello and welcome to my new web site, thanks to Chris. I was struggling with the old site for a while now and this new one will hopefully mean that ’twill be slightly easier for me to upload content so hopefully it will show a bit more stock although time to photograph and edit the images will still be a big block to getting more stock on show.

Therefore what you see on here is but a sample of my ever changing stock as most stuff gets sold be fore it is ever shown on here so as always ring, email and arrange a visit to see what I have in.

I hope that you enjoy the new website and it lasts a bit longer than the last one, although I am told ten years is a long time in this damned digital world.


New stock added: Trapdoor Springfield, 310 Martin Cadet, Long Lee Metford, scoped K31.


New stock added: Swedish Mauser sniper rifle M41/B, Martini Cadet, Rossi underlever and BP revolvers


Ammunition clearance limited stocks when its gone it gone so fill your boots whilst you can!
PPU 7.62x54R FMJBT 182 gn £65/100.
PPU 8mm Mauser Match FMJBT 198gn £80/100.
PPU 303 174Gn FMJBT £68/100.
PPU 30-06 150gn FMJ £65/100.

New Stock in:-

Springfield 03-A3, Mauser K98, BSA Famous 12, Winchester P14 “Weedon”, Mosin Nagant M44, Rossi .44 magnun, P14 Target rifles.


Magtech .22 RF ammunition in stock @ £5.75/100.

Tenex, Blaser, Standard, Minimag all in stock at last years prices.

S&B primers in stock £27/1000.

Magtech primers in stock £35/1000. Murom rifle and pistol Primers in stock from £32/100 for SR to £37/1000 for LR


New firearms stock added, Enfields, Mausers, Remingtons, Rossi, Rugers and much more!

.22 rf ammunition in stock.

Eley Tenex £20/100

CCI Blaser £6.50/100

CCI Standard £8/100

CCI Mini Mag £10/100 

C2R copper and carbon fouling bore cleaner back in stock.