Well here we are the domain transfer seems to have gone not too badly however there have been email issues so if you have emailed me over the past couple of days then if you haven’t had a reply from me it is because your email has not got to me in the change over, this is now sorted so please re-contact me.

 Hello and welcome to my new web site, thanks to Chris. I was struggling with the old site for a while now and this new one will hopefully mean that ’twill be slightly easier for me to upload content so hopefully it will show a bit more stock although time to photograph and edit the images will still be a big block to getting more stock on show.

Therefore what you see on here is but a sample of my ever changing stock as most stuff gets sold be fore it is ever shown on here so as always ring, email and arrange a visit to see what I have in.

I hope that you enjoy the new website and it lasts a bit longer than the last one, although I am told ten years is a long time in this damned digital world.


Ammunition clearance limited stocks when its gone it gone so fill your boots whilst you can!
PPU 7.62x54R FMJBT 182 gn £65/100.
PPU 8mm Mauser Match FMJBT 198gn £80/100.
PPU 303 174Gn FMJBT £68/100.
PPU 30-06 150gn FMJ £65/100.

New Stock in:-

Springfield 03-A3, Mauser K98, BSA Famous 12, Winchester P14 “Weedon”, Mosin Nagant M44, Rossi .44 magnun, P14 Target rifles.


Magtech .22 RF ammunition in stock @ £5.75/100.

Tenex, Blaser, Standard, Minimag all in stock at last years prices.

S&B primers in stock £27/1000.

Magtech primers in stock £35/1000. Murom rifle and pistol Primers in stock from £32/100 for SR to £37/1000 for LR


New firearms stock added, Enfields, Mausers, Remingtons, Rossi, Rugers and much more!

.22 rf ammunition in stock.

Eley Tenex £20/100

CCI Blaser £6.50/100

CCI Standard £8/100

CCI Mini Mag £10/100 

C2R copper and carbon fouling bore cleaner back in stock.