Carl Gustav M41/B sniper rifle 6.5×55 Swedish calibre S/H


Commonly known as the Arctic Predator of Swedish Mauser rifle the M41 was the pinnacle of the rifles development in Swedish service and deemed one of the finest bolt action sniper rifles of its time.

The M41/B was the final post war development of the type incorporating all the lessons learned over years of practical use. The main changes were the return to the AJACK 4×90 Scope which had a B stamped beside the scopes serial number and was retro fitted with improved multi coated lenses.

The scope base was simplified in manufacture and finish with a set screw fitted to the front of the mount which when properly adjusted allowed for a tight friction fit of the scope on the dovetail but prevented the scope moving forward under recoil and jamming tight on the rail.

These rifles were finally withdrawn from service in 1991.

This is a nice all original example of the M41/B with matching numbers except on the floor plate and all correct fittings. The rifle is a Carl Gustavs dated 1910 in very good overall condition the blueing is sound with wear commensurate with its service. The french walnut stock is dark (probably due to the ageing of the linseed oil finish) with nice figuring on the wrist and some tiger striping on the but. The barrel is sound with strong rifling and has been an excellent shooter for its previous owner.

It is complete with the correct SM sikte F-ram m/55 micrometer rear sight and the stamped steel sight cover fitted to the muzzle.

A very nice honest example of this legendary sniper rifle which do not become available often as most owners regard then as keepers.

The rifle also comes with original scope can, reproduction scope covers, bayonet and scabbard and set of Forster 6.5 x 55 Swedish bench rest die set.

Price £2800

6.5 x 55 Swedish