BSA Martini Cadet rifle .310” Cadet calibre S/H


A great classic Martini small frame rifle the .310 Cadet rifle. These rifles were made for the Commonwealth of Australia as training rifles for the Cadets. These Model 4 BSA rifles were the basis for BSA’s famous and extensive line of small frame Martini’s culminating in the Internationals.

This rifle is stamped Vic for the state of Victoria and comes fitted with the fine windage and elevation adjustable rear sight.

This rifle is in very good condition, with even blueing overall having some thinning of the edges of the frame, the wood is good with little in the way of stock dents and the walnut on the butt is finely figured.

The barrel is in very good condition also being smooth and bright with strong rifling with no signs of pitting to my eye. If held on an FAC this gun is an accurate shooter.

This rifle is and obsolete calibre and can be sold without and FAC but if it is to be shot then an appropriate slot on your FAC will be required.

Cadets in this condition are becoming rarer and rarer.

Price £750

Obsolete Calibre No FAC needed
.310″ Martini Cadet