Pedersoli Mortimer target, flintlock, muzzle loading rifle, S/H. Calibre .54


Product Details

The Mortimer rifle was the pinnacle of flintlock rifle design incorporating weather proof ignition pan, roller bearing mounted frizzen and a lock safety.

Pedersoli’s Mortimer is one of their top of the line models having excellent quality fit, finish and materials as well being a faithfull reproduction of the originals both internally and externally.

This particular rifle is in very good condition with some gentle wear that adds to the patina of the rifle. Being the “target” version it comes with a contemporary to the period aperture rear sight, adjustable for windage and elevation, this is matched with a globe fore sight to enable the shooter to make the most of this guns inherent accuracy.

It has nice dark wood work with a plum brown finish to the metal and a striking colour case hardened lock, the barrel is half round/half octagonal with bore in excellent condition. Being of the heavier calibre “.54” and carefully loaded with a matched ball and patch it will shoot well out to 200yrds.

These firearms are currently retailing new at £1,600 so this is a real bargain at £825.


Price £675