Savage 1899 EG Under Lever Rifle S/H Calibre 300 Savage


A very nice 1949 made model EG of the classic Savage under lever rifle. 
The 1899 was a popular sporting rifle and was developed from its predecessor the model 1895 which was first hammerless lever action gun ever produced. 
The rifle is fitted with and internal rotary magazine that holds 5 cartridges that helps the rifle balance well in the hand, it also allows the use of pointed bullets. The internal magazine design makes for a stronger action which meant that the 1899 was ideally suited to handling high pressure cartridges. During it’s almost 100 years in production the 1899 was chambered for over 14 different cartridges including the 308 Winchester with over 1 million rifles being produced. 
This rifle is chambered in the .300 Savage calibre. This fine 30 calibre round was introduced in 1920 specifically for the Savage 1899. A popular sporting cartridge in the USA it was the parent round to the 7.62 NATO which is an “improved” 300 Savage. This round almost reaches 7.62 NATO ballistics being only 100 fps slower. 
The rifle is in very good overall condition with a good barrel being bright and having strong rifling, the woodwork being nicely figured. It is fitted with Weaver scope blocks, buckhorn rear sight and blade and bead foresight. There is professional pinning and dowelling to the wrist, there is no visible crack that this work relates to and was done sometimes to prevent wrist cracking due to over tightening of the tang screw. The wrist on this rifle is now stronger than when it left the factory.
Dies and cases are available for purchase with this rifle.
Price £575

.300″ Savage