Parker Hale Enfield enfield-volunteer-three-band-muzzle-loading-rifle S/H


This is a very nice example of Enfield’s development of Whitworths hexagonal bored rifle. It was developed to give the military a small bore rifled musket to replace the P53, in trials the Whitworth hexagonal bored rifle was marginally superior to the Enfield five groove round bored rifle. For reason that are not entirely clear the rifle was not adopted as a military issue arm but did go on to enjoy a celebrated career as a target rifle being the firearm of choice of the very competitive volunteer movement of the time which coincided with the evolution of the hayday of civilian target rifle shooting both, nationally and internationally, the creation of the NRA and its first national meetings on Wimbledon common.
These Parker Hale reproductions are much sought after and have become collectable now in there own right.
This one is a three band example, there also being a shorter two band volunteer. The bluing and wood work are all in excellent condition and it comes with a platinum lined nipple.
These guns can be used at all ranges out to 600 yrds and beyond, loaded with a round ball and a pinch of powder they can also be used for indoor practice on smaller indoor ranges, being almost soundless and smokeless.

Price £600