Mauser K98 1944 Brunn- Russian Capture-Rifle. S/H


The Mauser Karabiner (K) 98 was the main battle rifle of the German forces from 1935 through to the end of the second world war with some 11 millions being manufactured in several variants.
Chambered for the ubiquitous 8mm Mauser cartridge it gave the Axis forces excellent service during the second world war. Derived as a short rifle (Karabiner) from the Gewher (G) 98 long rifle of the first world war using the very strong bolt mechanism and high quality production especially in pre world war two rifles.
At the end of the second world war millions of Wehrmacht rifles were captured by Russian forces and in the post war uncertainty of Europe most were refurbished by the Soviets to help equip them and their satellite forces in the event of a further European conflict.
This particular rifle is a fine example of the type being originally an Brunn (Czechoslovakia) rifle made in 1944 with the barrel and receiver still matching and keeping its original stamps along with the Russian crossed rifles “X” stamp. The bolt is electro pencilled to the receiver serial as was the norm with Russian capture refurbs.
The rifle is in very good overall condition with an excellent bore that shoots very well and to point of aim with Prvi Partizan ammunition.
Interestingly the woodwork appears to be one of the rarer laminated stock types.

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7.92×57/8mm Mauser