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My Canon 5d Mk11 on one shoulder and my Sony HDW750 over the other with the Sydney Opera House. I flew all the way to Oz to shoot a corporate promo April 2010, I spent 3 days shooting and 2 days on Bondi.


Filming with Nina from ‘Nina and the Neurons’ Cbeebies, if you have young kids chances are you will probably know who she is.


I went around Silverstone in this Renault Rally car, with the guy next to me, I forget his name but he is a very famous French Rally Driver, and a nutter, he pulled a 360 whilst doing 150 miles an hour I got the shot, and had a smile on my face all day :-)


At Cannes 2009, it was surprisingly civilised on the Red Carpet.


Studio lighting at South London Studios


Astro Boy Interview – The setup


Behind the scenes Sam Taylor Wood shoot

Behind the scenes Sam Taylor Wood shoot