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24 hours to go Broke / Renegade post image

I’m back from Cork/Ireland. Just finished filming a mad capped adventure called ’24 hours to go broke’ made by indie Renegade Pictures, for channel Dave. Two celebrities get to blow £10000 in 24 hours with nothing to show at the end, if they don’t succeed, they get to do a ridiculous forfeit. Filming using my… Read more

Pioneer Productions Recon

Pioneer Productions Recon post image

DoP filming for Pioneer Productions in Chislehurst Caves (didn’t know they existed) with talented director Gareth Sacala. In pitch black caves filming reconstruction for a programme about Brunnel. Shooting with a Panasonic HPX 3700 P2 Varicam. In the caves there was no power so I used 2 of my battery lights and litepanel Sola, and… Read more

V Festival 2013

V Festival 2013 post image

I’m back from filming at V Festival 2013, filming with Jesse J, The Saturdays, Sea Sick Steve and many more. Using 2x Canon C300 cameras, and a large 2.5kw HMI to provide sunshine for the set, great fun, great team, and we got to see Beyonce, she was rather good. “Thank you Mark and Paul… Read more

Pembrokeshire Best Magazine Promo post image

This is the latest from Dooper Tv productions, a Promo for Pembrokeshire Best Magazine. Working with the good people down at The Megagroup, an idea was born, they arranged the song, and a music video/promo was created. I edited, directed and filmed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kq0w6LVJWvk… Read more

Weather that Changed the World / Pioneer Productions post image

Its been a busy December/January 2013, I am back after filming a series of programmes for Pioneer Productions. A series of History Documentaries filming in Germany, Greenland, Istanbul,Tenerife, Lithuania and the UK. Weather that Changed the World is about unusual/severe weather that changed the course of history. Including a programme about the Titanic and Napoleons… Read more

BBC1 A Summer in Wales

BBC1 A Summer in Wales post image

I am currently filming a series of 8x30min and 2x60min, documentaries for BBC1/Factual, about the people and the landscape of Wales in the summertime. The camera I used was my Panasonic HPX3000 P2 camera, shooting AVC intra 100 (100 mbps) 25p, and the rest of the kit, which I own. HJ11 wide angle lens (for… Read more

Reformer Films GE Tower Bridge post image

I have been hanging around Tower Bridge. Producer/Director Samir Patel was commissioned to make a number of corporate promo’s about the re-lighting of Tower Bridge I shot these corporate promo’s using my Panasonic HPX3000, the films are to be shown at the Olympic site, and at Tower Bridge to the public, they will be shown… Read more