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Mark’s Biography

I am a young at heart, 45 year old DoP/ lighting cameraman, shooting PD, with credits for all major broadcasters, BBC1/2, ITV,CH4, CH5, SKY, indies, and corporate, I started as a camera assistant, with Manchester facilities, Redwood Tv, back in 1988, shooting my first corporate film age 19.
I then went onto work at BTF a North West facilities as a soundrecordist/cameraman, filming mainly for the BBC, I was there for a few years, then I left to work as a freelancer.
I completed a contract with Astro, the South East Asia satalite broadcaster, and spent 6 wonderful months flming news/magazine/travel progs in Malaysia, I then moved on to Australia and did a little freelancing at SBS and Fox.
I then packed my spotty hankerchief and headed for London, where I started working mainly for the BBC at White City, filming Watchdog and the various spin off programmes, Value for Money and Watchdog Health Check.
I also edit, produce and direct, so I can take a project from start to finish, working as a shooting PD role for broadcast television for which I have credits and references. I also part time run a small studio, and create online news content for a local paper.

After living and working in London for 15 years, filming many different kinds of programmes, and gaining a wealth of knowledge, we decided to move to the countryside, near the sea, in South Wales, which is where I live with my partner, and 3 young girls. I still have a base in London, and do most of my work there.

I enjoy reading, photography, music, constantly playing the guitar, boring people with songs that I write (a life long passion, I’m afraid), falling off surf boards (a new passion), and the odd pint or two ;-)