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I have filmed with all kinds of Video cameras, from Canon 5d to Alexa.
I have a VW crew van, and I bring with me a full set of shooting equipment, camera, lights, monitors, and sound equipment.

I have a few trusty, friendly, sound recordists, and camera assistants that I work with regularly.

The Cameras I own are a Panasonic HPX3000 P2 High Definition camcorder capable of shooting incredible picture quality 100mbps 4:4:2 full HD 25p/30p/50i at 1080i.
I supply this with a data transfer unit MSU-10 which transfers the footage shot on P2 cards to a hard drive.
The lenses I use on this camera are a Canon HJ11 and a Canon HJ22.
A Canon C300 full shooting kit.
A Sony DVW 790 a Standard Definition Digi Beta camcorder, with Canon lenses, which has been a work horse of the broadcast industry for many years, still delivering cracking pictures.

A Canon 5d mk11 DSLR
Canon 24mm-70mm 2.8 lens
Canon 70mm-200mm 2.8 lens
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
I have a full shooting kit, including a Zacuto Viewfinder, a Zacuto rapid fire (which allows stable handheld camera work) and a lightweight tripod.
The pictures are truly amazing.
I edit and have Final Cut 4 on a MacBook Pro.

I have a lovely big LCD 17” Panasonic Monitor, so everyone can see what is being filmed, great for a Director to view the shots.
A Directors monitor, small lightweight and wireless, with 2 transmitters, so that you can monitor 2 cameras at a time.

LED Sola top light
LED batteries powered lightpanel
3x Dedo
1x HMI Dedo with Chimera soft box
Ix Balkar soft light (Same as a Kino Diva)
1x Kino Bar Fly soft light
1x 2kw Blond
2x Arri 300w Mizar
1x 300w Rifa light.

2x Sony Radio mics
1x 416 Shotgun and Boom pole
1x Beyer stick mic
2x Sony ECM77 lapel mic’s
1x Beyer headphones
Manfrotto Rolling spider
Track and dolly

My rates are competitive and all jobs are different, so whether its a quick interview or a multi-camera set up give me a call :-) Mark on 07970740054 or email mark@doopertv.com
I also work as a freelance Lighting Cameraman without my gear.