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Canon C300

So, I have just bought a new camera, the Canon C300.
After Canons success with the 5d Mk11, this is the video camera that followed. It has been called a Canon 5d Mk11 on steroids, which is a good way to describe it, but it is much more.
Its a professional video camera, which can give the look of the 5d, but in a package more suited to the filmmaker.

I am currently filming two history programmes for indie production company Pioneer, they wanted to shoot Canon C300, so it gave me the excuse to buy.

My kit is the following.

I have a selection of Canon lenses
10mm-20mm Sigma 3.5
24mm-70mm Canon 2.8L
17mm-5mm Canon 2.8
70mm-200mm Canon 2.8L
50mm 1.4 Canon prime

Sachtler Video 18
Manfrotto light weight tripod
Manfrotto monopod, which works well for run and gun.
Pro slider (professional model)

7″ LCD Datavision HD
17″ LCD Panasonic HD (great for lighting)

Kino Diva
Litepanels bi-colour LED battery soft light
HMI Dedo
HMI 575

This is a clip from a shoot that I filmed for, On Demand for Virgin, KT Tunstall performing a very beautiful song from her new album. We shot with 2x C300 Canon cameras, this is the footage from my camera a fairly static wide shot. The camera was in the EOS picture profile and was lit with a single soft light , I think that the camera really handles the daylight nicely, and this is what you can expect from using the C300.

KT Tunstall Acoustic from Mark Evans on Vimeo.

I am back from the first stint of filming in Germany for Pioneer, and shooting a 2x camera shoot acoustic set/ interviews and links for Virgin On Demand, and I love this camera.

Shooting in C-Log for ‘Weather that changed the World’ for Pioneer, which gives the camera the best dynamic range for post production grading, and I shot the acoustic set and presenter links in EOS setting (the saturated 5d look) which is what the client wanted for a quick turnaround, and the pictures looked knock out.
Head of Production at On Demand emailed “just seen the footage loaded into the Avid and it looked lovely’
so I’m a happy man.