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Canon 5d Mk11

This promo was shown at Buckingham Palace, the Queen saw it on a big screen, and of course loved it, “twas wicked” I think was the quote, it was also shown at 02 cinemas.

This is the Canon 5d Mk11 kit that I use, if you click on the image you can see a bigger picture.

The Canon 5dMk11 Kit

Including a range of lenses and a Zacuto Viewfinder which magnifies the image for precision focusing.

24-70mm 2.8L 70-200mm 2.8L 50mm 1.4 Zacuto Viewfinder

Canon 5d Mk11, 50mm 1.4, Zacuto viewfinder

Canon 5d Mk11, 50mm 1.4, Zacuto viewfinder

Canon 5d Mk11 Mounted on a Zacuto Rapid Fire shoulder stabiliser

All in a cosy wheelie bag

All in a cosy wheelie bag

This is a Music Promo that I shot on the Canon 5d Mk11 30p whilst I was in New York and Boston shooting a corporate promo. I shot the footage as a kind of roadtrip and cut it using Final Cut, check out the ‘dude’ taxi driver at the start of the clip.

Rhinestone Rockdale: Mind at full Speed

If you like the tune, maybe you would like the Album? click on the CD Baby link :-)

These are a a small collection of talking heads, interviews, from corporate promos, some of which were part of a film that won Gold at this years IVCA awards 2011.
I posted it to show the look of the Canon 5d Mk11, when using it for this purpose.

When I got into filming with these cameras I went for a Canon 7d because it had the 25p option. This is a little film of my kids at Christmas shot on the Canon 7d. It was all handheld, no camera supports and a 50mm 1.4 fixed lens, I edited it using Final Cut Pro and the song ‘Luckier’ is one I wrote and perform.

Rhinestone Rockdale: Mind at full Speed

My Album, if you liked this tune, maybe click on the CD Baby link ? and buy the Album.

Canon 5d Mk11 supported by the lens bag, filming for the Civil Service Benevolent Fund Oct 2010

Filming a Corporate Promo Canon 5d Mk11 in a graveyard in Cardiff

Canon 5d Mk11 with Juiced Link amp for clean audio. Interviews with Bolton Councilers

Canon 5d Mk11 Using a table top dolly for a tracking shot Civil Service Benevolent Fund promo Oct 2010

Side by side Sony Digi 790 and Canon 5d Mk11

Lock and Load

Matte box, Juiced link, and HD monitor, Canon 5d MK11 ready for lit interviews

Side by side Digi and Canon 5d Mk11, interviews for Premier Inn Promo.

This is a corporate promo I shot with my Canon 5d MK11, for Premier Inn/Whitbread, since posting this it has won Gold at the IVCAs

Link to download the : For iPhone and other MPEG4 players.
{ .mp4 container – H264 video & AAC audio codecs – 680×360 pixels – 44.8 MB }

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Remember the snow at the end of 09, very exciting especially for a young snowman enthusiast.It sjust a bit of fun really, I cut it to one of my tunes ‘Sentimental’ if you like the song there are plenty more on the album, and tracks are available for download, from CD baby, just click on the link this page. I also I have a my space page
Rhinestone Rockdale is my musical alter ego. My daughter Amy is the star of this video :-)

I have been using the Canon 5d Mk11 professionally for a while now. It is a tricky camera to use, and to produce images with consistency, but with expertise and experience, the images off this camera can be amazing.
I love filming with the Canon 5d and over the last year I believe that I have found the best ways of shooting with this camera.
If you need anything shooting 5d, or with any other professional video cameras please call
Mark on 07970740054 outside UK 00447970740054

If you have a look around the site it shows the other kind of work that I do :-)