Delany History

Who are they??
What are they about???

Here is a brief history of the band from formation to present…..

Originally conceived in 2015 as a solo project
by ex Smokestack and Rubicon singer Andy Delany,
the first recruit to the Delany machine was
producer/writer/engineer Andy J. Davies.

After some time spent in the studio developing the material in 2015/16,
it became clear that the project would require a drummer, so,
in 2016, Andy J. recruited old friend Pat Walters
(ex Soho Roses, Wildhearts, Guns ‘n’ Wankers) to provide the
drums and percussion for the as yet untitled album.

The results of this first project were released on 30th November 2018
as the album ‘Mission Creep’ and a special show was put
on at London’s Water Rats to celebrate the release.
the show featured a full band consisting of …

Nick Plews – Drums
Tony Pettitt – Bass
James Quinn – Guitar
Andy J. Davies – Guitar
Paul Kimmett – Keyboards
Andy Delany – Vocals

Water Rats Show

LondonĀ  30th November 2018

After the successful launch, a few shows were booked
around the South East. A full time bass player was recruited in the
form of Iain Hamilton for the shows in
Birmingham, Norwich and Brighton.

Andy and Iain At Hope and Ruin,
29th June 2019, Brighton.
Photos…Ade Matthews.

After these shows, the decision was made to make a second album
as a full band and work started on writing in the late summer of 2019.
In the last months of 2019, we have been working on the new material
and have done a show in London at the Fiddlers Elbow in October.

To round the year off, a show at The Horn St Albans in December and
then to start 2020, a show at The Fiddlers Elbow in January.
The band will then go into the studio to record the new, as yet untitled second album in february for release in the spring 2020.