Planetary Catastrophe

Planetary Catastrophe

This is, yet another, rarely finished game that is actually out there for people to play. I created it in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 40, the theme was “The more you have, the worse it is”. At first I was stuck on a theme and started to make a resource gathering game, in which the more resources you gathered in the world the more enemies would spawn in to try and kill you, I sorta decided early on that it was a bad idea and gave up on the jam.

After that I got a little help thinking up idea’s with a friend and started making this game, in which you are a company that has to place factories down in order to gain money. You have to cut down tree’s for money and to make enough space to place factories. The more factories you have, the worse the planet gets. If you cut down too many tree’s the planet will die and you lose the game, if you don’t place enough factories down you lose money, go bankrupt and lose the game. If you carefully balance the number of tree’s to factories, you can win and not kill the planet at the same time, so that’s a plus. This game only took like 18 hours or so to make and uses a lot of recoloured images to save on space and effort.

I did go back after the jam and clean up the code a bit and made the game a whole lot better in my opinion. I’m half tempted to go back and polish the game a bit more, but that can wait. I was also sorta worried that people would think my game is a preachy “save the planet” type of deal, but really it’s the first decent idea that I thought could work, and apparently did work.

Didn’t really get many ratings on LD site, so that was a bit disappointing, but eh, I didn’t expect to get any, so the few I got were nice.

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