Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion

In this you crashed on the planet, being you, had to defend against them and survive, you had a pistol and a shotgun and a store.

The pistol would kill aliens, the shotgun would kill their tentacles, which would spread around the map. The store would let you buy ammo, obviously, and a sprinkler that would roll back an area’s infection and keep it down.

The aliens had three tiers, Alien Matriarch is the largest, they, in theory at least, “Command” the mid sized aliens, they also spawn the mid sized aliens with a total limit of 25. The mid sized aliens also spawn smaller aliens, which, again in theory are controlled by the mid sized aliens. Then there are the small aliens. To be honest they all pretty much move randomly until they see the player, then they move toward the player and attack them.

The world is randomly generated with value added noise, it is sorta cool to watch the spreading of it.

It’s also the first time I’ve replaced the cursor, or at least the most finished game with one. Not all the art is done, some of the diagonal art for the player is just arrows.


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