Nether Items


So this isn’t strictly a game, but I made a mod for Minecraft. I figured that the nether was sorta empty, well it was at the time, only a handful of mobs that spawn and only a fortress, while big, mostly empty.

So I thought I’d start small and add a bunch of netherrack tools, that would be the same durability of stone, but a little less since netherrack is sorta terrible. After an update I decided to add more stuff, I started adding small mob-spawner type rooms to the game with chests that would spawn randomly in the nether.

I added netherrack stone, which I called “Netherrock” since it sounded better than netherstone. Then I added netherrock bricks, cracked, and a mossy equivalent which I think I called some pun of lava or something.

After that I added, very buggy, villages and nether villagers, which would only trade in a special ruby that only spawned in the nether, sorta like emeralds in rarity. I also added stairs and slabs.

After someone pointed out that the main game didn’t have stone stairs, I added those too. I did try to add a netherrack furnace that would smelt things faster but could never get it to work, so removed it.

I did try to update it to the newer versions but lost interest. I think the last version to be up was 1.6.2 or something along those lines

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