The Island

The Island

I remember making this a while ago, I didn’t ever finish it. This was probably the biggest project I’d tried to do at the time and the mistakes were large and plentiful.

First thing is I’d gotten the game pretty close to “sort of playable”, then decide to “clean it up” by re-writing the entire thing from scratch.

After I had re-written it I had tried to implement a crafting system, I was stuck whether to have a crafting system like minecraft, a 3×3 grid that you have to put things in a specific order, or to have it like The Escapists, where you can put things in any order into a 3×1 grid and it’ll give you the item. I decided that a 3×3 grid would give me more variety in crafting recipes, so I went with that.

Mistakes were made.

I got it working, but it was buggy, I think I only ended up having like, 3 or 4 recipes before I gave up. One thing I was happy about was the crafting gui itself, It sorta looked like Minecraft’s, but it had a more wooden theme to it, which was good.

The worlds were generated using a cave generation algorithm, that now that I think about it kinda reminds me of that “Game of life” game. It would randomly place sand or water, then check each block, if it had more than 4 sides of sand, it would also become sand, if not, it would become water. The only change I did to this is add more random streaks of water into it to break up the island sizes