Colonise the Moon

Colonise the Moon

This game I worked on for a while and sent an industrial amount of screenshots to my friend. For this game I wanted to build a base building game, so that’s what I did. In the game you were sent to the moon to build a colony for the UK, under “Queen Victoria II”.

You had to build your colony down into ground under the moon, You started with enough money to make your colony, I think you also got a sum of money per month in game or something like that.

You had to worry about Power, Oxygen, Food and Water for your colony, not enough of these and your colony would fail and you would be fired.

I remember there was also a utility system, were you had to run cables from your power generation to your other rooms, you’d get an icon in the top left if the room didn’t have enough of one of the resources. I remember recycling the flood fill algorithm from Flood It to find out the new power/water/oxygen pipe/wire networks, which it would re-find whenever you placed a new pipe/wire.

I remember wanting this game to be infinite, so I split the world into strips, it would go infinitely left and right with a fixed bottom height. I did get that working, but I never implemented a way to actually look left or right.

I remember this was one of the first times in a game where I had a title screen, new game screen and a GUI made in game, I didn’t want to use JOptionPane cos it would take you out of the game, at least that’s what I thought at the time.