Flood It

Flood it

Flood it was a simple flood fill game, you have to select which colour you want to change the grid into, each new colour would add on the same colour blocks to the flood fill, if you managed to fill the grid in before you ran out of moves, you won, simple.

I made it basically because I was getting down about not being able to finish things and annoyed with myself for going overboard with what I wanted to make, so I googled what games to clone if you’re learning, this looked like one that was simple enough to complete, and well, it was, obviously.

I do remember before when showing other people, one person was able to finish the game while I wasn’t, and boasted a little about it.

One thing I don’t like about it is that it is entirely random and has no sanity checks on whether a level is able to be completed in the amount of moves given, so there can be times where you can literally not be capable of winning the game.

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