Homes of Broomwood Lodge

When the Lodge was formed in 1945 the initial choice of the venue for meetings was the Ardington Rooms at Clapham Junction. The rooms, which were situated in Arding and Hobbs Department Store, were very popular serving many Lodges and Chapters. It was with considerable disappointment therefore, that in July 1968 all Lodges and Chapters were given notice of the fact the rooms would no longer be available after November 1968.

A small committee was formed to find a new venue and on 4 January 1969 the Lodge held its first meeting at the Great Western Hotel, Paddington. This proved to be a happy venue, although in some ways not ideal, but by 1982 there was growing concern that the management of the hotel would decide to use the part of the building where the Lodge met for some more lucrative purpose.

Accordingly, it was decided that the sum of £4,000 would be raised to buy a debenture in the then fairly new London Masonic Centre at Clerkenwell. This was not an easy sum to find and but for the good offices of one or two Brethren, who paid more than their fair share, it would have been impossible. In the end, the debenture was purchased and it was decided that with effect from September 1983, the lodge would move to its new home. The decision was taken just in time because notice was served by the Great Western Hotel in 1983 to vacate as they had plans to turn the area into a discotheque!

The security of owning a share in the London Masonic Centre and thereby guaranteeing, at least in theory, a meeting place for all time, provided great relief to the members. By and large it has proved a very popular move.

Broomwood Lodge moved from London Masonic Centre at Clerkenwell in 2014 met for a short time after at The Clerkenwell Centre in Lever Street. Circumstances prevailed in November 2014 and we were required to seek an alternative location to Lever Street in which to hold our lodge meetings. Our current location is now The Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, Russell Square  of which our first meeting was held on Saturday 14th March 2015.

A Member of the Devonshire Group of London Lodges