History of Broomwood Lodge

The Grand Master appointed the following Consecrating Officers:

R. W. Bro. Brig-Gen. W.H.V. Darell, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Assistant Grand Master

Assisted by

W. Bro. Professor W.B. Tuck, P.G.D. as Senior Warden
W. Bro. N.C. Tremellen, Asst. G.D.C. as Junior Warden
W. Bro. Rev. Francis W. Ferraro, M.A., B.D.,
Asst. Grand Chaplain
as Chaplain
W. Bro. Sydney A. White, M.V.O.,
Grand Secretary
as Secretary
W. Bro. C.A. MacClymont, Dep. G.D.C. as D.C.
W. Bro. A.C. Cooper, Asst. G.St.Br. as I. G.
W. Bro. Major Peel, Grand Tyler as Tyler

A most splendid ceremony took place on 28 May 1945 in No.10 Temple at Freemasons Hall and, after the Concecration of the Lodge by the Assistant Grand Master and a very fine oration by the Assistant Grand Chaplain W. Bro. Rev. Francis Ferraro, W. Bro. Cyril Webber Everns L.G.R., L.G.C.R. was proudly installed in the Chair of King Solomon where he proceeded to invest his officers as follows:

Senior Warden Bro. A.E. Kimber (Duke of Connaught)
Junior Warden Bro. D.D. Sweeney (United Friendship)
Treasurer W. Bro. F.W. Merry (Wilberforce)
Secretary W. Bro. H.L. Jeffries (Wandle & Wilberforce)
D.C. W. Geo. Davis (St. Barnabas &
United Friendship)
Senior Deacon Bro. S.G. Freeman (Wilberforce)
Junior Deacon Bro. J.W. Cooper (Wilberforce)
A.D.C. Bro. W.H. Merryweather (United Friendship)
Almoner Bro. J.W. Brown (Wilberforce)
Organist W. Bro. R.J. Beasley (United Friendship)
Inner Guard Bro. P.R. Folkes (United Friendship)
Steward Bro. W.H. Twiner (Wilberforce)
Steward Bro. J. Sills (United Friendship)
Steward Bro. G. W. Houlden (Wilberforce)
Steward Bro. F.D. Jackson (Wilberforce)
Tyler Bro. Gare  

The Consecrating officers were then elected honorary members of the Lodge and proposals for nine initiates, including our own W. Bro. Dennis Rodaway, and ten joining members were received.

The Festive Board was a grand and splendid occasion at which 137 dined. The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held on Saturday 7 July 1945 at which five of the aforementioned candidates were initiated. There then followed an emergency meeting in August and a further one in September the latter one at which W. Bro. Dennis was initiated.

Broomwood Lodge No.6060: Initiates 1945/46
Broomwood Lodge No.6060: Initiates 1945/46

Over the next few years the average attendance at meetings was between sixty and seventy and the Lodge remained very healthy with a large number of initiates.

On Saturday 7 April 1946 the Lodge held its first ladies Festival which was a great success attended by over two hundred. If only the current Festival Secretary could rely on such numbers!

The Original idea for the history of Broomwood in the Golden Jubilee brochure is because all the members have their own memories of great characters and amusing events. When such events or even scandals are looked at in perspective however, those which at the time may have caused giant waves have with the passage of time become the merest of ripples.

As to the great characters, of whom there have been many they are, in context only a few of the hundreds who have passed through the Lodge. It is right and proper that the Founders of the Lodge be mentioned as they have, but with regard to the above mentioned few whose enormous contribution to the fabric of the Lodge earn them the right to be described as the heart of the Lodge, it is the hundreds who who may be properly described as its soul.

Honours bestowed upon Broom wood Lodge

Triple Grand Patron of the Royal Masonic Hospital
Vice Patron: Royal Masonic Institute for Girls
Vice Patron: Royal Masonic Institute for Boys
Patron: Royal Benevolent Institute
Patron: New Masonic Samaritan Fund
Holders of the Metropolitan Grand Masters Silver Award for the RMBI Appeal

Painting of our Lodge Banner - with lodge members
The unveiling of a painting of our Lodge Banner – Presented by W Bro. A Mantica and W Bro. T Gratten. Painted by W.Bro. R Baker PPAGDC (Bucks)
Broomwood Lodge in May 2005
Lodge Members in May 2005

A Member of the Devonshire Group of London Lodges