Lodge of Instruction

The younger members of the Lodge are told frequently by the misty-eyed older members of the great days of the 50’s when vast numbers of people attended Lodge of instruction. It is possible that their memories are as misty as their eyes, because having trawled through the old newsletters it would appear that this was not always the case.

It is a perennial problem for the poor Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction to cajole members to attend regularly and his job has not been made easier by the various and sometimes insalubrious meeting places over the years. How many members can remember the odd race riot at the Railway Tavern?

Fortunately, Lodge of Instruction now has a secure home at Great Queen Street and given the recent change of evening to Monday, it may even have a more ordered path forward with much higher attendances. There is a keen young group of Brethren who are determined to support and carry the Lodge of Instruction forward, which with dynamism and dedication of the current Preceptor, W. Bro. A Curtis, may just happen.

No-one will be more delighted than Preceptor of many years, W. Bro. Sid Earwaker who battled on through thick and thin to keep Broomwood Lodge of instruction alive.

The Preceptor of the Broomwood Lodge of Instruction invites all members to attend on specified Mondays at 7p.m. The L of I Secretary will notify members of dates and times.

A Member of the Devonshire Group of London Lodges