*Delivering impact through collaboration

Aurora, led by Alison Partridge, helps organisations to develop and deliver policies, partnerships and projects which make a difference to the communities they serve. We specialise in work that delivers local impact through entrepreneurship and an inclusive economy

We can help you to deliver significant impact through our powerful local and international networks and access to competitive intelligence.

We connect:


Policy with practice


Strategy with robust delivery plans and resrouces


Organisational priorities with funding opportunities


Local with international


People with people


Working with multiple organisations across multiple borders, we focus on economic development, jobs and growth, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We can help you to deliver significant impact through our powerful local and international networks and access to competitive intelligence.


Project and partnership development


Training and capacity building

Applications for public and private sector funding


Meeting facilitation


Research and consultancy

Project management support


Capital Enterprise

Since 2016 I have been Head of Strategy for Capital Enterprise. In this role I:

  • Have developed and now co-lead OneTech which is changing the face of London’s StartUps
  • Lead on consultancy and research e.g. The Affordability Crisis series which highlight the growing issue of workspace affordability
  • Work with members to influence policy and practice which affect London’s entrepreneurs
  • Support project and partnership development which contributes to making London the best place to start and grow a business
  • Am an active member of the Mayor of London’s Workspace Providers Board


Since 2009 I have been a registered Lead Expert for the European Cities Programme URBACT. In this role I:  


  • Support medium sized towns and cities to grow their digital and tech economies (through TechTown, TechPlace and TechRevolution)
  • Support towns and cities to use participative methodologies to co-create integrated local action plans which make a difference to local communities (through ESIMeC and URBACT Summer Universities and Festivals)
  • Have led 2 initiatives to support Europe’s towns and cities to learn from each other to address jobs, growth, entrepreneurship and employment challenges (Job Generation for a Jobless Generation and More Jobs: Better Cities)




Alison is a skilled, diligent, adaptable and motivated professional with long experience in enterprise, entrepreneurship and economic development in London and other European cities. Alison co-create and implement integrated policies and programmes in response to complex ever-changing contexts. Alison have a strong strategic vision and a talent in successfully developing and delivering multi-faceted and multi-sector projects and partnerships which make a difference. This is combined with excellent organisational skills, an ability to excel when working under pressure – Alison has never missed a deadline. Alison is politically sensitive and experienced in high level roles both in the UK and at EU level.


Alison is:


  • an advocate of gender equality and entrepreneurship (having run my own company for over 20 years)
  • the proud mother of two beautiful, ambitious and intelligent young women
  • a volunteer business mentor for the Princes Trust (since 2010)
  • a yoga teacher and dedicated yogi
  • an expert multi tasker!


Alison works with a rich network of companies and associates from across the EU.